>Singapore Math - Dimensions Math Workbook   PreKA

>Singapore Math - Dimensions Math Workbook PreKA

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The Dimensions Math Workbook PKA corresponds to the PKA textbook (required and sold-separately). Exercises start with simpler problems and progresses to more challenging exercises. A thoughtful progression pattern followed throughout the series covers the fundamental concepts, offers practice exercises with pictorial representations, and challenges students with abstract exercises. This Preschool level workbook covers matching, sorting and classifying, comparing objects, patterns, and numbers to 10. The top of the page provides a simple direction as well as a visualization of the direction, and the bottom of the page includes a slightly more elaborated note on "using this page" and the concept being taught.

Grade: Preschool/Prek (first semester). Consumable and non-reproducible. 121 full-color, perforated pages, softcover.

The Dimensions math PK-5 Program is a complete curriculum that teaches math concepts to mastery using Singapore math methods such as mental math strategies and bar models. This program is centered on a textbook, workbook and teacher's guide (all sold-separately). The Textbook lessons build on prior knowledge, and develop familiar concepts in an accessible way. Workbooks offer independent practice while maintaining the careful progression of exercise variation. Teacher's guides include suggested teaching notes and activities for the whole class to achieve lesson objectives.

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