>Singapore Math - Dimensions Math Workbook 8A

>Singapore Math - Dimensions Math Workbook 8A

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Singapore's Dimensions Mathematics: Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curriculum replaces the now -discontinued Dimensions Mathematics 1A, and has been revised to meet common core standards.

This "Dimensions Math Common Core 8A Workbook" is designed for the first semester of grade 8, and is a supplement to the "Dimensions Math Common Core 8A Textbook". Emphasizing the empowerment of students to learn math independently and effectively, a variety of approaches are used to help students master concepts. Questions are arranged by topic, and are categorized into four sections according to difficulty and thinking skills. "Basic Practice" questions are simple and drill concept comprehension; "Further Practice" questions are harder and involve direct application; "Challenging Practice" questions require synthesis; and "Enrichment" questions demand higher order thinking skills. Softcover.

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